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"I think the staff is very accommodating. Management is making strides in the operation of the site. Food has improved greatly in the last six months and is delicious. I'm as ease with knowing that I'm in a safe and caring environment. Staff tries to help with any matter I have, even if its not their job description."

- Stan Sout, Resident

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"Why I love living at Hill Farm Estate...the employees are efficient, attentive, helpful and friendly. The food is good. My room is kept comfortable and clean. The Receptionist is friendly, smiling, and helpful. The Activities Coordinator is personable and has creative abilities. Our friendly Administrator will pitch in when and where needed."

- Hazel Swisher, Resident

In Lebanon County at Hill Farm Estate Personal Care Home, you will find the best senior living value in the form of quality senior service, gracious living, attention to detail and a supportive environment at our historic mansion. View from the Federal-style mansion encompasses the beauty of the landscaped gardens with a majestic fountain, as well as a breathtaking view of the Lebanon Valley.